As the weather is getting colder, and energy prices are rising, cashmere robes which are warm and comfy can keep you warm this winter.

There are lots of cashmere robes on the market. To save you time, we have listed 7 of the best and most luxurious cashmere robes and accessories for you.

1. Short Cashmere Robe - Cloud Marl

The Short Cashmere Robe is an indulgent pure-cashmere robe, which is incredibly soft, luxurious, and naturally warm. This cashmere robe is a shorter length, which is perfect for snuggling under a blanket when watching TV. The cashmere is certified by The Good Cashmere Standard, which is a mark of high-quality materials. It has a luxurious belted design, with a removable waist tie, and deep pockets, all in a classic Cloud Marl color. To complete the look, you can team it with silk nightwear.

2. Stripe Cashmere Bed Socks

Warm and indulgent cashmere isn’t just limited to cashmere robes. The Stripe Cashmere Bed Socks have a classic and timeless design and will keep your feet warm and comfy. The great design has brought a fresh update to a much-loved item – the cashmere bed sock.

3. Short Cashmere Robe - Mid Grey Marl

If you want high quality 100% cashmere robe, the Short Cashmere Robe is for you. It includes a classic and luxurious belted design, which is removable and has deep pockets to keep your hands warm. For the perfect warming and comfy look, you can team the Short Cashmere Robe – Mid Grey Marl with silk nightwear.

4. Cashmere Bed Socks

These cashmere bed socks are a comfy treat for your feet. They are available in multiple colors to match your style or match one of your cashmere robes.

5. Cashmere Short Robe

This incredibly soft and naturally warming short cashmere robe uses only the best 100% cashmere, which is certified by The Good Cashmere Standard. As the Cashmere Short Rob is a short-length robe, it is perfect to wear throughout the seasons but is especially good when it starts becoming cooler. Available only in Pale Grey Marl, this robe is a great addition to any nightwear wardrobe.

6. Cashmere Fine-Stripe Bed Socks

The Cashmere Fine-Stripe Bed Socks make the perfect gift, and can even be delivered with a loving personal message. Available in two colors, these cashmere bed socks, have a classic design, and use high-quality and sustainable cashmere. Available in sizes 4 – 7.

7. Cashmere Bed Socks

These cashmere bed socks have a minimalist design, but what they lack in design, they more than makeup for their comfy and luxurious feel. Available in pale blue, camel, pale pink, and navy, in sizes 4 – 7.