8 Men’s Jackets and Vests That Will Up Your Style Game

Just because it’s getting colder outside, doesn’t mean you should skimp on style. Whether you’re heading to the office or just hitting up happy hour with your buddies, there are many men’s jackets and vests that will up your style game while helping keep you warm at the same time. Take a look at these eight picks and get ready to upgrade your jacket collection this season.

1. Logo 2.0 Chimayo Jacket

When you know your way around the latest trends and styles, it can be easy to get more than a little tired of coming up with new ways of showcasing them every season. Thankfully, the Logo 2.0 Chimayo Jacket is here to help freshen up your look. This stylish nylon jacket features a split leather zipper on the chest and two adjustable leather straps.

2. Vernon 2.0 Chimayo Softshell Vest

The Vernon 2.0 Chimayo Softshell Vest is a stylish and functional men’s jacket that combines the appeal of a vest with the practicality of a softshell jacket. Throw it on over anything from your casual everyday clothes to more formal wear, and you’ll look good everywhere you go.

3. Vernon 2.0 Chimayo Softshell Jacket

Just like the Vernon 2.0 Chimayo Vest, the softshell jacket version of this dashingly handsome men’s jacket is equally at home in any setting. It looks great by itself or layered over a sweater or shirt, and it’s one of the best jackets for travel since it can be worn seamlessly in any season.

4. Ideal Down Jacket

When you want to get as stylish as possible without breaking the bank, check out the Ideal Down Jacket. With its relaxed fit, embroidered detailing on the sleeves and chest and attached faux fur trim, it’s a flattering style that’s perfect for casual or semi-formal occasions.

5. Stable Insulated Jacket

The Stable Insulated Jacket is a stylish men’s jacket that’s both functional and attractive. It features a removable quilted liner for extra warmth, and it has air vents throughout the body of the jacket for added breathability.

6. Rebar Cloud 9 Vest

With the Rebar Cloud 9 Vest, you get a stylish vest that looks great on its own or layered over other clothing. Made from soft shell fabric, it’s a great choice for travel, and it’s machine-washable for convenience.

7. Crius Hooded Insulated Jacket

With the Crius Hooded Insulated Jacket, you get a jacket that’s both stylish and practical. It features a warm yet breathable insulated design and an attached hood, and it comes in eight different colors so you can find one that’s perfect for you.

8. FR Crius Insulated Vest

Not only is the FR Crius Insulated Vest stylish, it’s incredibly warm on its own or as an alternative to other jackets and vests you may already have. It features a snap closure on the main zipper, so it’s perfect for those who hate zippers.

There are many men’s jackets and vests that will up your style game this season. Whether you’re looking for something casual or more formal, there’s a jacket and vest for you. Take some time to look through the dozens of choices, and when you find the one that fits your personal style the best, get it! You’ll find that it will become one of your favorite looks for the upcoming winter months.