8 Women’s Hoodies and Jackets To Buy Right Now

This article will give you 8 women’s hoodies & jackets to invest in early this season. The weather is starting to get cold again. It is better to prepare your jackets, coats, and hoodies as early as possible because the weather is unpredictable. It can start earlier than you expected. You don’t need to look for quality jackets in different shops. Here, we have already compiled them for you.

1. Decompression Insulated Jacket

Nothing can beat the coziness that this jacket brings. From the outside, it looks like your ordinary jacket with long sleeves and a hoodie but when you take a look at it closer you’ll notice that it has thicker padding and more pockets for added warmth. The outside fabric material is also waterproof.

2. Halo Insulated Jacket

This jacket is not only warm but also comfortable to wear. It offers a roomy space inside so it’s also breathable. You can wear a shirt or tank top inside and not feel suffocated at all. The jacket can cover your neck and has pockets for added warmth.

3. Highlands Sherpa Jacket

This jacket features a front zipper, storm flap, elastic cuffs, and welt pockets. It’s warm on the inside and outside. The plush Sherpa fleece offers light insulation. You can layer this jacket with a shirt or tank top inside.

4. Sycamore Shirt Jacket

This jacket offers a unique design. You can wear this over your shorts and tank top. You can also wear this over your running outfit for when you want to run on a cold morning. You can leave the front locks open for a more stylish look.

5. Laguna Hoodie

A hoodie is for everyday use. You should have at least one in your closet. This is easy to wear and take off when the weather suddenly becomes hot. This features a hood that can keep your head warm so you avoid getting cold.

6. Restore Hoodie

This hoodie is what you wear on a typical autumn day. You can layer this with thick clothing when winter comes. This is a versatile hoodie because you can also wear this on summer and spring days. You just let the front zipper open.

7. Women's Outdoor Trainer Shell

This is great for outdoor exercises. You can also wear this over your gym outfit. The fabric is water-resistant. It can also repel foul odors from too much sweating so it’s still smelling fresh even after a heavy workout.

8. Women's Palisades Rain Jacket

You also need a jacket for humid and rainy days. This jacket goes up to below your hip for more coverage. The fit of this jacket is beautiful and just right. This is specially made for camping and hiking but you can also wear this on a typical day when it’s raining.