Seven Different Types Of Hats That You Should Consider Wearing

Everyone wears hats. If you ask most people what the first thing they think of when the word that comes up, they will probably describe a cowboy hat, baseball cap, or fedora. Are all these types of headgear hats? The answer is no. With so many different types and styles of hats, it can be difficult to know which one is the best for you.

Here are seven different types of hats that you should consider wearing.

1. Sun Valley Hats

Sun Valley hats are made of polyester material. In keeping with the name of these hats, the polyester fabric is water-resistant. However, the sun will most likely still make these hats discolored in time. Sun Valley hats are a great choice for any occasion. They are designed with a wider brim than any other hat, so they’re perfect for blocking out the sun at the beach, playing golf on a hot summer day, or going to your local fishing hole and trying to catch that big brook trout.

2. Felt Wide Brim hat

Felt Wide Brim is made of 100% polyester fabric and is water resistant but not waterproof. This hat has a wide brim that provides shade on both the top and bottom. The brim fits snugly to provide increased sun protection, with a protective flap around the edges of the hat to keep it in place.

3. Santa Hat

This sweater is perfect for everyday use. It’s in the color black which is classic and chic. You can tuck it in and pair it with your jeans or long skirts. You can even layer this. Wear this under a vest, jacket, or shirt for added warmth during the colder season. This is comfortable to wear and super cozy.

4. Panama Hat

Panama hats are made with real palm leaves. Although they’re lightweight and easy to carry, they provide a wide brim that is ideal for blocking the sun from any angle. They’re woven in such a way that allows them to be packed down into a very small space when not in use, but don’t forget to fluff it out once you get it settled on your head so it can maintain its form.

5. Active High Ponytail

This hat is made of 100% polyester, which makes it super soft and easy to maintain. The most interesting thing about this hat is the small hole on the side that allows you to pull your ponytail through so you can wear it up when hot and humid or cold, windy days come calling. This provides increased sun protection to keep your neck protected at all times.

6. Fur Trapper Hat

Fur trappers are made of 100% acrylic material. A unique thing about this hat is its ear flaps, which are meant to cover your ears but can also be used to cover your face and neck if you don’t want to wear something like a scarf or neck warmer when the weather is cold. How convenient! They’re made with faux fur material that makes them warm but does not make you look too bulky or puffy when wearing them.

7. Dad Hat

This hat is made of 100% cotton material. Designed with a unique curved shape, it makes it easy to pull over your head and allows your neck to remain protected from the sun’s harmful rays while you enjoy the warmth of the hat itself. It’s a simple hat with a wide brim that curves down at the bottom to provide shading on both sides.

To conclude, many different types of hats are available for both men and women today. Not only are there more styles, but they’re also made of different materials to provide various benefits. The information above is meant to give you a little insight into what’s out there so that you can decide which hat is best for your needs. Of course, if you’re not sure, you can always try one on at a physical store and take your time choosing.