Pollution, makeup, dust, dirt, and damaging UV rays — your skin is exposed to a lot day after day. While most people have a daytime skincare routine to keep their skin healthy and protected, having a dependable nighttime skin care plan is just as crucial. An ideal nighttime skincare routine should consist of a night cream that includes ingredients that can aid in treating your skin issues. Here are the major benefits of using a personalized night cream.

1. Tailored Your Unique Skin Type And Concerns

Personalized night creams have customized ingredients that fit your stage of life, environment, skin type, skin concerns, and lifestyle. With a wide array of active ingredients to choose from, you can select the perfect formula that matches your skin needs such as sensitivity, pollution protection, moisture balance, fatigue defense, dark spot correction, blue light defense, stress relief, and more.

2.Fights Aging

One of the biggest advantages of using a night cream is that it targets the signs of aging. While we sleep, the skin undergoes cell regeneration and renewal cycle. Night creams help your skin in this process by accelerating skin repair. Additionally, it stimulates the formation of collagen with substances like retinol and aids in preventing early aging indications like wrinkles and fine lines.

3.Intensive Nourishment

A personalized night cream is scientifically formulated to suit your skin and its needs. It brings back elasticity and provides intensive nourishment to firm, repair, and plump skin while you bask in your beauty sleep. Furthermore, it can help with acne, irritated skin, hyperpigmentation, dryness, and dark circles. As the skin absorbs more nutrients at night, applying a night cream with custom ingredients that can relieve specific skin issues is essential.


With the myriad of skincare ingredients and products to settle on, formulating a night cream that works for you and your skin can be overwhelming and frustrating. PROVEN Skincare’s personalized night cream highlights a simpler skincare routine tailored to your skin’s needs. If one-size-fits-all products are not cutting it for you, it may be the chance to take and try a custom-made approach.