Need to improve the lighting system inside or even outside your house? You’ve landed on the right page! The lighting system in your house should not only be decorative. It also must be functional. It should serve its main purpose which is to provide illumination inside and outside the house. Here are 8 lights that you might want to have.

1. Star Fairy Lights

These lights can immediately improve the ambiance of your house. It glows like stars in the night sky. It can provide illumination if you run it over your desk. But its main purpose is decoration. You can even put this around your Christmas tree.

2. Wall Light

You can place this light along your corridors, hallways, or outside, on your patio. If you have a garden, this wall light can also illuminate it. Just make sure it’s protected from the rain. It’s available in the color black which for sure will match your interiors.

3. Bottle Camber Lamp

This is a table lamp that you can place in your study room or your living room. When you place it on your bedside table, it can provide you with light for reading. This is 49cm tall and weighs almost 2kg.

4. Hanbury Ceiling Light

If you’re into furniture with geometrical design, add this to your collection. This light is placed on your ceiling and it shed light on those below it. You can place this in your hallway or living space.

5. Cowley Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are just tall versions of your typical table lamp. You place this near your couch so you have a source of light when you read books in the living room. This is 171 cm tall just so you know to help you decide where to put it best.

6. Ashwell Chandelier

Maybe your chandelier already needs replacement? This features mercury pendants that make the chandelier look elegant and beautiful when you turn on its light. This is made by hand so what you’ll get is a unique work of art.

7. Outdoor Wall Lantern

Outdoor lights are probably the most important lighting system in your house. They are also the ones easy to wear off because they run throughout the night. This wall lantern features a vintage design which will add more appeal to your house.

8. Table Lamp

This is perfect for study tables. It features a contemporary design that can also inspire creativity among your kids. This is easily adjustable and can be angled to focus the light on an area you want to illuminate.