Finally! It’s the sweater weather. The hot summer is over and you’re finally getting ready for the cold season to come. Of course, you have to have the perfect sweater to stay cozy and stylish. If you’re looking for a new sweater to add to your collection, this article is for you. Here are 8 sweaters that you can choose from.

1. Black Merino Crew Neck Sweater

This sweater is perfect for everyday use. It’s in the color black which is classic and chic. You can tuck it in and pair it with your jeans or long skirts. You can even layer this. Wear this under a vest, jacket, or shirt for added warmth during the colder season. This is comfortable to wear and super cozy.

2. White Neck Sweater

White and black sweaters are a staple. You have to have them. They go with every outfit style. You can wear them alone or layer them with your other shirts. You can wear this under your floral dress or any sleeveless dress that you have. Styling this white neck sweater is all up to you.

3. Half-Zip Sweater

If you want more style from your sweater, then go for this one. This offers a stylish collar when you leave the zipper open. You can close the zipper for much colder days. This is in the color brown which perfectly suits the mood of autumn.

4. Blanket Sweater

This sweater can act like your cozy blanket when the weather starts getting colder. You can even wear this in winter. Just make sure to wear it under a coat or a jacket for added warmth. This features a turtleneck for a more stylish look.

5. Double V Sweater

This sweater features a double V-neck and back. The V-neck adds more style and character to the sweater. This sweater is comfortable to wear since it’s light and soft. It also slips on easily so it won’t give you a hard time wearing it.

6. Sweater Dress

Sweater dresses are cute. You should have one in your closet. This is also the type of dress that you wear under a winter coat. This perfectly goes with white shoes or any type of heels. It’s very versatile, you can say. The dress goes below your knees.

7. Wrap Sweater

Sweater weather is still manageable. There will be days when it’s hot and a sweater can feel suffocating. On days like those, wear this wrap sweater. It’s stylish and also will not get you sweaty on dry sweater weather days.

8. Navy Cashmere Crew

This sweater will for sure fit you. It’s made perfectly for any body size. It won’t fit too tight or too loose. You can style this any way you want. This is for everyday use and the navy color of the sweater makes it cool for the season.