Custom Treatments And Supplements To Help You Achieve Healthy Hair

Just as you need to eat the right foods to maintain your health, you also need to give your hair the right nutrients to keep it looking its best. Here are eight custom treatments and supplements to help you achieve healthy, vibrant hair.

1. Custom Styling Gel

If you want to style your hair in a way that won’t damage it or make it look greasy, avoid common styling products. Instead, consider using a custom styling gel. You can easily create your own styling gel by mixing coconut oil with beeswax and essential oils like lavender if you want a scent or cedar if you want to add shine. After application, allow the gel to set for an hour before washing out, so it has time to soak into the hair shaft.

2. Custom Root Source

Our hair is made up of a complex network of fibers, which can cause it to become weak when there is a deficiency in certain nutrients. One way to support this network is by using root-source custom hair supplements. These supplements are unique blends that have been developed to give the hair roots their due. The problem is that most people don’t realize that their hair needs these nutrients and overuse them, leading to dry, damaged hair and even more so when they’re balding.

3. Custom Conditioner

There’s nothing worse than looking into the mirror and seeing dull, lifeless hair. That’s why we created a custom conditioner to keep it shiny, healthy, and full of life. It contains five essential vitamins, which our product developers have carefully selected. These vitamins deliver nutrients directly to the hair and the scalp to nourish them from the inside out. They also help rejuvenate split ends to help keep your hair healthy and lush for many years.

4. Custom Curl Cream

You want a custom curl cream that is going to give you the type of results you want. Maybe you want your curls to look softer, bouncier, and tighter. Or perhaps you want them to look tousled and wavy. Whatever it is, we’ve got the right product for you that can give you the results you’re looking for and will help your hair last longer as well. Our product developers have carefully selected ingredients and combinations that work together to help your hair reach its full potential.

5. Custom Dry Shampoo

Did you know that the waxy residue left behind by your regular dry shampoo can leave you with greasy hair that looks dirty? Our custom dry shampoo absorbs the oils and excess residue left behind by your regular dry shampoo to give your hair a fresh and clean look. It also helps to eliminate odor-causing bacteria, so your hair doesn’t get smelly as easily while maintaining its natural texture.

6. Custom Hair Oil

Hair oil has been used for centuries to help keep hair looking vibrant and full of life. Our custom hair oil is made with a blend of essential fatty acids that are known to be the most effective in nourishing the scalp, promoting health, and preventing dryness. Available in several scents and formulas, you can choose one that best fits your style or scent preferences.

7. Custom Shampoo

Our custom shampoo is not your regular shampoo that lathers up and leaves your hair feeling dried out. Instead, it’s a creamy formula with a cleanser base of coconut oil that rinses away easily, so you don’t have to spend time rinsing out the residue with each wash. It’s also hypoallergenic and free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals.

8. Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask

Our pre-shampoo scalp mask helps nourish your hair in advance of your regular shampoo so that you can enjoy a deep clean, and thorough scalp treatment. It’s made with an organic formula that is free of harmful chemicals, and it stimulates the scalp to better prepare it for what lies ahead.