Shapewear can be tricky to style, but it doesn’t have to be! To help you find ways to wear your favorite shapewear pieces, we’ve come up with the top five most stylish shapewear styles that you should try this season. Each of these has a unique look and style that will help you get the most out of your favorite shapewear styles, so check out this list to see how you can work some trendy shapewear into your wardrobe this season!

1. Core Control Thong

This shapewear style is a classic for a reason – the thong shapewear style looks great under any outfit. The Onyx Color Core Control Thong provides simple slimming and smoothing, so you can feel confident in that pencil skirt or fitted pair of pants. This basic undergarment works with a variety of looks and styles, which makes it an easy choice to add shapewear to your wardrobe.

2. Sculpting Short Mid Thigh W/ Open Gusset

The Onyx Sculpting Short Mid Thigh w/ Open Gusset is a great shapewear style that can be worn under most outfits. With slimming and smoothing, this shapewear adds a little coverage to the body that is simple and easy to style. This basic undergarment can be worn with many different looks, so it will easily add shapewear to your wardrobe this season.

3. Sculpting Mid-waist Brief

This shapewear style offers a little more coverage and smoothing than the thong and short styles, but it is just as easy to style. The Onyx Sculpting Mid Waist Brief has a high waist for slimming and smoothing all the way around your midsection. This shapewear is great for hiding any problem areas that you want to cover up under those statement skirts.

4. Sculpting Short Above The Knee W/ Open Gusset

If you love the look of a short skirt but want a little bit more coverage, this shapewear style is for you. The Onyx Sculpting Short Above the Knee w/ Open Gusset will smooth and slim your thighs and midsection to help you look your best in that little black dress or pair of shorts. This shapewear style is easily styled under any outfit, so it’s one of the most trendy shapewear styles this season!

5. Maternity Sculpting Bodysuit Mid Thigh

This shapewear style is great for the curvier woman. The Onyx Maternity Sculpting Body Suit Mid Thigh combines long leg shapewear with a bodycon mid to give you the best shaping possible. This shapewear style really accentuates and highlights your curves, making it one of the most flattering styles on our list.

6. Barely There Bodysuit Brief W/ Snaps

This shapewear style is slightly more revealing than the others on our list. The Onyx Barely There Bodysuit Brief w/ Snaps is designed for a bodycon silhouette, especially in the bust and hips. This shapewear style can be worn under any outfit, so it’s another one of our most stylish shapewear styles this season.