From microbiome-friendly to microdosing, new fads in skincare seem to arise daily. Though popular today, most of these trends will fade away in a few years. As skincare trends come and go, customized skincare products are here to stay. Here are three reasons why custom skincare kits are the future.

1. Kinder To The Environment

The beauty industry is one of the worst businesses for the environment due to its prolific usage of plastic packaging. Custom skincare kits help you save money since you purchase fewer products and using fewer commodities is also kinder to our environment. As brands formulate solutions custom-made to your skin and concerns, you’re less likely to get rid of products due to inefficacy. Therefore, lower impact on the environment and less waste.

2.Long-term Investment

You should ask yourself how many skin care products you own and which ones you use regularly. While you go on trial and error on the products that will work for your skin, it also comes with a substantial price tag. Yes, customized skincare products can be more costly upfront but you are guaranteed to get more bang for your buck. These products provide the results you shop for as they are specifically tailored to your skin’s needs and concerns.

3.Improves Your Quality Of Life

One of the major reason why custom skincare kits are the future is that people are more educated on the ways their skin influence their happiness and health. Research shows that mental health and skin quality are connected. Bad skin and acne have been linked with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Indulging your skin with personalized products is not a matter of vanity as the health and appearance of your skin affect your quality of life.

4.Bottom Line

Women and men alike want to be able to pamper themselves with products that will help them acquire the outcome they want. Skincare is an investment in your youth, your overall appearance, and your health. In today’s plethora of brands, PROVEN Skincare’s custom 3-step skincare routine targets all your skin concerns and provides effective products that celebrate you.