Moissanite is a semi-precious stone with an extraterrestrial origin and that is just one of the many reasons why moissanite rings are a cut above the rest. In this light, here are nine (9) celestial moissanite rings that you can add to your collection or gift to a loved one.

1. Moissanite Petite Elodie Ring

The Moissanite Petite Elodie Ring is delicate in design and features a thin band that enhances the beauty of the moissanite stone. It is a great option for an engagement ring because its thin band allows space for a wedding ring which makes a perfect combination.

2. Moissanite Demi Lab Diamond Ring

This ring is the epitome of elegance as it features a thin band that’s surrounded by mini sparkling diamonds to complement the moissanite gem at the center.

3. Moissanite Joy Lab Diamond Ring

Aside from the mini sparkling diamonds that adorn the ring’s band, the design also features a scalloped pavé split shank in its band to enhance the aesthetics of the moissanite.

4. Moissanite Tapered Baguette Lab Diamond Ring

The best thing about this ring is that it features baguette diamonds on each side of the center moissanite stone to frame the celestial gem in the most elegant way possible.

5. Moissanite Opera Lab Diamond Ring

If you want more diamonds to frame your moissanite, then the Moissanite Opera Lab Diamond Ring is a perfect choice for you. It is a classic three-stone ring that features one brilliant moissanite at the center and two pear-shaped diamonds that beautifully frame the gem.

6. Moissanite Aimee Lab Diamond Ring

The Moissanite Aimee Lab Diamond Ring features a unique design that can make its wearer stand out. From its elegant bead prongs that secure the gem to the prong-set diamonds that are elegantly spaced in its ultra-thin band, this ring is definitely a sight to behold.

7. Moissanite Reina Lab Diamond Ring

Embrace your inner queen with the regal beauty of the Moissanite Reina Lab Diamond Ring. The diamond accents that surround the brilliant moissanite as well as the diamond halo in its band are the best features that will make any wearer feel like royalty.

8. Moissanite Glacé Lab Diamond Ring

The Moissanite Glacé Lab Diamond Ring is adorned with a beautiful cluster of gems along its band. If you want a ring that can command attention, then this ring will definitely satisfy and more.

9. Moissanite Memoir Baguette Lab Diamond Ring

For those who like the baguette diamond aesthetics, the Moissanite Memoir Baguette Lab Diamond Ring does not only feature two but six baguette diamonds in its band. It is a modern-vintage design that will always remain in style.