7 Stylish Men’s Frames For Any Face Shape and Style

There is an almost endless supply of Men’s Frames, in different styles and colors, and choosing between these options can be tricky. However, to save you valuable time, we are on hand to bring you 7 of the most stylish men’s frames for you.

1. The Kirkby

If you are looking for an oversized and square men’s frame, look no further than The Kirkby. As the frame is one of the largest Men’s Frames on sale, The Kirkby typically works best for those with wider faces.

2.The Larkin

The Larkin is a fashionable yet comfortable men’s frame, which is made from hand-polished cellulose acetate. These frames have spring-loaded hinges making them flexible and durable for all face sizes.

3.The Otis

The Otis is a timeless classic of men’s frames, but you can add a modern touch by choosing a crystal-clear finish. It has a large frame, making it perfect for those with wide faces, who want traditional round lenses.

4.The Reese

The Reese is a narrow, round-shaped men’s frame, available in a range of classic colors. Because the frame is narrow, it works best for those with thinner or more petite faces.

5.The Soto

The Soto is a classic and traditional men’s frame, which features round lenses and a keyhole nose bridge. Available in a range of classic colors, The Soto is a medium-width frame, and because of this, it works for faces of all shapes and sizes.

6.The Finley

If versatility is your thing, then The Finley could be the perfect frame for you. The Finley has a medium-sized frame, and with its classic rectangular shape, it works for faces of all shapes and sizes.

7.The Casper

The Casper is a classic and medium-sized, Men’s Frame, which is perfect for those who want a tighter fit from their frames or have a smaller face. The Casper has a classic rectangular frame and a keyhole nose bridge for comfort.