Away makes the best hard-side luggage for every type of traveler. Whether you’re looking for a carry-on, a checked bag, or something in between, Away has what you need. Here are seven of our favorite suitcases from their collection.

1. The Carry-On

Built from lightweight, waterproof, and durable 600d polyester, the Carry-On has a few handy perks. First, it has two large interior pockets for organization. Second, it’s completely expandable with a third inner pocket. Third, its telescoping handle makes it easy to get on and off – even while wearing gloves.

2. The Medium

The Medium is Away’s version of their Carry-On. It’s got all of the space and organization benefits of the Carry-On but lacks the telescoping handle.

3. The Large

The Large is the most spacious carry-on suitcase we’ve seen. It’s also the most padded, with a soft microfiber lining and a large compartment on the front that’s ideal for laptops or tablets. That doesn’t mean it’s not easy to carry. Its lightweight construction means it weighs just seven pounds, making it just as maneuverable as its smaller counterparts.

4. Carry-On: Aluminum Edition

Built from an aluminum frame, the Carry-On has a few main features that make it ideal for getting your stuff around the world. First, it’s got a telescoping handle that makes it easy to get on and off trains and airplanes. Second, it’s about as light as you can get in a carry-on, weighing only five pounds. Third, there are lots of pockets for organization and laptop storage.

5. Bigger Carry-On: Aluminum

This is the same as the Aluminum Carry-On, but with about 25% more space. It’s a great option for longer trips where you might need extra room.

6. Large: Aluminum Edition

Like the Carry-On and Bigger Carry-On, this is a lightweight, expandable suitcase with lots of storage space. The Aluminum Aluminum Edition has the same features as the Aluminum Carry-On and Bigger Carry-On, but with a little extra space.

7. The Large Flex

The Large Flex is a great choice for long-haul travel. It’s got plenty of room for a week’s worth of clothes, but it still feels surprisingly light when you pick it up. It’s made from lightweight polyester, making it the most compact suitcase we’ve seen. It also has an expandable mesh pocket on the front that keeps your clothes from getting crushed when you put them against the wall or close the door.