Leggings and shorts are in this season. All of the celebrities are wearing them on their Instagrams, and every girl you know has at least one pair. This summer is all about these two pieces! Whether you want to be on trend with ethereal, sheer leggings paired with a fitted white tee or bright, neon shorts for a bit of flashiness, it’s easy to find something that suits your style. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Capri Leggings

These are a pair of Capri leggings with a striped pattern. These are great for anyone that wants to make a statement but wants to keep it subtle. They can be paired with anything but are especially nice when paired with a white tee and sandals in the summer.

2. Maternity Bump

These maternity leggings are great for anyone that’s not pregnant. They are a lighter gray and are very flattering. The material is soft and warm and will keep you comfortable on a hot day. These are great for lunch or dinner but paired with flats or higher heels for a night out on the town.

3. Mother Tucker's short

These mother Tucker shorts are also very flattering and are great for anyone. These shorts can be paired with a white or striped top to look great! They have a distressed look and will make you look like you just stepped off a runway, no matter what you wear them with.

4. C-Section Short

These c-section shorts are great for anyone, but especially for anyone who just had a baby. If you have a scar from your C-section, it is nice to find maternity clothes that will help hide it and make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. These shorts have a v-neck detail that is horizontal, not vertical. Therefore they are very flattering but will not show your scar.

5. Ciré Smoothing Short

These shorts are perfect for anyone pregnant. They are very soft and can be worn in the summer. These shorts hide any bumps or bulges and look great with a fitted top or tank. They can be worn for an active day at the beach but will also look great paired with heels for a night on the town!

6. B.D.A. Leggings

These are a pair of B.D.A pair of leggings with a floral pattern. These leggings are great for anyone that wants to add a bit of personality to an outfit without going overboard. They can be worn on their own or paired with a tank, shirt, t-shirt, or top for added style.

7. Maternity Bump Support

These maternity leggings are great for anyone who is pregnant or is pregnant. They are just below the knee and have a cute little ruffle on the bottom. They can be worn with flats or heels and will look great for an active day at the beach, as well as paired with a tank for a casual look.

8. Power Capri Leggings

These Capri leggings are great for anyone who wants a little bit of color and fun but doesn’t want to go overboard. They are a bright blue but also nice for anyone with a darker skin tone. They can be worn in the summer over a dress or with flats during the winter.