8 Examples of Women’s Shoes Made Using Sustainable Materials

It feels like it is never a bad time to buy shoes. What has been happening lately is the emergence of shoes and brands that focus mostly on comfort above anything else. If you are looking for comfortable shoes that you can wear with almost anything except for a formal outfit, here are 8 examples of women’s shoes that are worth considering.

8. Women's The Eddy Slide Slate

A pair of properly made flip-flops that provide cushioning and are long-lasting is something rare to find. The SUAVS Eddly Slide is a great option if you are looking for slides that you can wear around the house as they are comfortable and lightweight.

7. Women's The Zilker Gum Slate

The Zilker Gum is one of the more popular models from SUAVS. Their women’s shoes are made using sustainable materials and have a breathable design. The Zilker Gum is no exception from the rule and its simple design makes them very versatile.

6. Women's The Zilker Grey & Red

If you want a pair of shoes that are comfortable and stand out, the Zilker – Grey & Red are a great choice. The combination of grey and red makes them both modern and great looking. Suitable for casual outfits, the shoes can be worn all day long without feeling any kind of discomfort.

5. Women's The Legacy Jet Black

For a classic look, you cannot go wrong with black women’s shoes. The Legacy from SUAVS is a simple pair of shoes made using sustainable materials and a modern mesh upper. It has a thin sole and more than enough padding to make them very comfortable to wear.

4. Women's The Classic Sneaker

A classic pair of sneakers is something that should not be missing from your wardrobe. The SUVs classic sneaker is a great choice if you are an advocate for sustainable fashion. Made responsibly and to be very comfortable, the shoes are a great choice for a casual outfit.

3. Women's The Zilker Vino

The Zilker in its Vino version is a great choice if you enjoy dark red shoes and clothing. They are made to be extremely lightweight, comfortable, and easy to pack. Also, the shoes have a simple design with a slip-on feature and moisture-wicking materials.

2. Women's The Legacy Slate Gum

The Legacy is a great alternative to the Zilker if you like high-top women’s shoes. They use a classic design and take it further by using clever color combinations and comfortable materials. Using moisture-wicking materials also makes them easy to wear even without socks.

1. Women's The Barton

If you are looking for a versatile pair of women’s shoes that you can wear with shorts, skirts, jeans, or any other type of pants, The Barton is the choice for you. Made to be lightweight and breathable, the shoes are an excellent choice, especially for those hot summer days.