One way to flatter women is to gift them shoes to add to their huge collection. Yes. If there’s one thing women will never get tired of that would be shoes. They have to have every type of them, from sandals, heels, boots, wedges, platforms, to flats. Here are 8 shoes that they will for sure appreciate.

1. Billini Tillara Heels

First on this list are these very chic and sexy heels in the color metallic gold. These will go well with a mini dress. From that, you can already tell that these heels are the perfect ones to wear to a party. They also feature a cute lace-up ankle strap.

2. Billini Zadie Boots

These boots are a must-have. They’re in the color nude which is perfect to go with any color of a dress. They are up to just below your knees. They come with zippers for closure. The material used to make these is very durable and comfortable to wear.

3. Billini Gabby Heels

What you’ll love about these heels are their silver color and transparent straps. This features a block heel and a square toe. You can wear this with a mini dress and a sling bag to add more appeal to your party outfit.

4. Billini Rayna Sandals

There’s something about white shoes or sandals that make them very attractive. It’s probably because of their clean and white appearance. These sandals are super comfy. You can wear these when you go out for a walk with your dog or go shopping for groceries.

5. Billini Haleigh Heels

You’ll love the pop of colors you’ll get with these heels. They also feature straps adorned with cute little pieces of diamonds. The ankle strap can be worn low or high depending on how you want to style it. This also comes in the color orange.

6. Billini Helima Heel

These heels are easy to wear. You don’t have to deal with long straps or locks to wear these. You just have to slip your feet onto them you’re already good to go. These feature a square toe and a block heel.

7. Verali Callie Rope Wedge

Wedgies deserve a spot on your shoe collection. They are comfortable to wear. They are perfect for casual and formal occasions. If you often sprain your ankle due to high heels time to switch with this wedgie.

8. Billini Baldwin Ankle Boots

These ankle boots can be cute and cool depending on how you style them. This is in the color brown so it would go with most of your winter and autumn outfits. You can wear this with a pair of black leggings or with a sweater dress.